GSK Co-op Position for PhD Candidates

Job Details 

GSK is seeking an ongoing graduate (PhD) student for a 6-12 month co-op in GSK, King of Prussia. The student must be interested in learning analytical characterization techniques including chromatography, mass spectrometry and automation and utilizing “state of the art” equipment for evaluating high-throughput analysis of protein glycosylation from cell culture supernatant and purified proteins. More specifically, the co-op student will work on the following:

• Assist in setting up, operating and maintaining specialized equipment and apparatus for evaluating high-throughput analysis of protein glycosylation.

• Perform rapid analysis of protein glycosylation using advanced automation, chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques.

To Apply: Please apply via Holly Gault: or send resume and statement of interest to Udayanath Aich at

NETL Graduate or Postdoctoral Researcher Positions

National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Graduate or Postdoctoral Researcher

Particle/Material Strength Characterization

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in Morgantown, WV is seeking motivated graduate or postdoctoral researchers interested in working in particle and material strength characterization. NETL is developing a novel model that can predict particle mass loss rates as the material undergoes chemical and structural changes during reduction and re-oxidation in fluidized bed reactors. This initial work will involve identification of what particle properties are important in resisting comminution while maintaining chemical reactivity, and developing an understanding of how these properties change during the chemical cycling of the material so that a simple engineering population balance model can be developed to provide a first order approximation of the material loss during cyclic operation in a chemical looping reactor system.

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Chemical Looping Combustion Oxygen Carrier Development/Evaluation

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in Morgantown, WV is seeking motivated graduate students interested in researching as part of the chemical looping combustion oxygen carrier development team at NETL. Successful candidates will work in the laboratories at NETL to develop oxygen carriers with stable reactivity and high physical integrity. Flow reactor studies, thermo-gravimetric analysis, sample preparation for flow reactor studies, thermodynamic analysis and determining reaction mechanisms, chemical and physical characterization of oxygen carriers, and energy analysis will be conducted in the laboratory.

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1. Environmental Policy Communications Associate

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program has an immediate opening for an Environmental Policy Communications Associate with the Office of Research and Development at the EPA facility in Washington, D.C. Based on assignments received, the associate shall assist primarily with technical writing and editing, document formatting, and data entry videos.

Qualifications include: must have completed at least 2 years of college, working toward a degree in environmental science, ecology, biology, physical science, communications, or a related subject. It is desirable for the candidate to have strong written, oral, and electronic communication skills; proficiency with Microsoft Office; excellent proof reading and editing skills; a working knowledge of website design.

Reference Code: EPA-SSP-0002-1

2. Assessment Tool Associate

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program has an immediate opening for an Assessment Tool Associate with the Office of Research and Development at the EPA facility in Research Triangle Park, NC. The position entails developing community decision support tools to help understand where, when, how often, and why people are exposed to environmental contaminants.

Qualifications include: a master’s degree in environmental science, public health, or a related discipline earned within the last 24 months; strong written, oral and electronic communication skills. It is desirable for applicants to have experience with GIS and/or IT and excellent proof reading and editing skills.

Reference Code: EPA-SSP-0010-1R

3. Aquatic Ecosystem Specialist

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program has an immediate opening for an Aquatic Ecosystem Specialist with the Office of Research and Development at the EPA facility in Narragansett, Rhode Island. This research will involve experiments designed to elucidate the fate and effects of contaminants of emerging concern in the environment including development of analytical methods for detection/measurement, toxicity, bioaccumulation, sublethal endpoints and ecological effects.

Qualifications include: a B.S. or B.A. in biology, chemistry, environmental science, toxicology, oceanography, or a related environmental sciences field earned within the last 24 months; general laboratory and field experience in the environmental sciences; ability to swim; basic familiarity with small boats; it is desirable for the applicant to have experience working with analytical instrumentation and/or toxicity tests.

Reference Code: EPA-SSP-0015-2

4. Computational Biology Associate 

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program has an immediate opening for a Computational Biology Associate with the Office of Research and Development at the EPA facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. A major goal of this project is to develop a general computational framework for assessing the taxonomic domain of applicability across documented Adverse Outcome Pathways.

Qualifications include: a bachelor’s degree in computational biology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, genetics, computer science, or a related field earned within the past 24 months; understanding of at least one scripting language; and a working knowledge of database development.

Reference Code: EPA-SSP-0005-02

5. Computer Programmer

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program has an immediate opening for a Computer Programmer with the Office of Research and Development at the EPA facility in Corvallis, Oregon. The position entails assisting in the creation of a tool to help communities understand the local preferences for ecosystem services and the supply of those ecosystem services.

Qualifications include: A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline earned within the last 24 months, and strong software development skills. Experience with Microsoft Excel, developing graphical user interfaces, developing interactive web applications, and developing .NET applications is desired.

Reference Code: EPA-SSP-0014-02

6. Human Resource Support Associate 

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program has an immediate opening for a Human Resource Support Associate within the Human Resources Division in the Office of Administrative and Research Support at the EPA facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The position entails assisting the Division with the analytical and administrative duties required for a variety of support functions, including the centralized training request and approval services.

Qualifications include: a bachelor’s in management, human resources, business, or a related discipline within the last 24 months; education and/or experience in administrative support functions; strong research, organizational, multi-tasking, oral and written communication skills.

Reference Code: EPA-SSP-0001-06

To apply, go to, make an account, and enter any of the reference code above to find the position posting. You can also visit EPA on their website at

To hear more about position openings like this, follow EPA on Twitter at @GovCareerPaths

NETL Post-Doc Research Position in Materials Science & Engineering

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 10.16.52 PM

Post-Doctoral Researcher–Materials Science & Engineering, Fatigue/Fracture Behavior 

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in Albany, Oregon is seeking motivated post-graduates (PhD level) interested in researching in the Structural Development Division at NETL. The post-graduate research pertains to materials performance in supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) environments at high temperature. The scope of the materials research is to evaluate whether the available power plant materials are suitable for fossil fuel sCOservice.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.20.44 AM

1. Summer Internship: Study of bacteria cell population dynamics during fermentation


Job Description

DuPont has a rich history of scientific discovery that has enabled countless innovations and today, we’re looking for more people, in more places, to collaborate with us to make life the best that it can be.

We currently have a position for a summer intern to study the population dynamics of bacteria cells during fermentation, while varying several key fermentation parameters.  Fluorescent staining, flow cytometry, and protein assays will be used to characterize the cell population during fermentation.

Job Qualifications

The ideal candidate should have experience and knowledge in microbiology and cell biology, sterile techniques and cell culture.  Experience in fermentation processing (engineering), fluorescence probes and assays, as well as in biochemical assays is a preferred but not required.

Interns must be available for 13 weeks during the Summer, with the actual employment dates based upon their school schedules. Must be returning back to school in the Fall.

2. BioProcess Development Co-op

MADISON, Wisconsin

Job Description

The DuPont Nutrition & Health plant located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA manufactures a variety of food products and ingredients used in everyday food items, many of them found in local grocery stores including: starter cultures used in the production of cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream; probiotic cultures used for their health promoting effects on the digestive system of humans and animals; and other food ingredients such as food antioxidants for food preservation and enzymes used in cheese manufacturing. In addition to the manufacturing capabilities, the site also has extensive research and development capability.

We are looking for a BioProcess Development Co-op to join our team. The candidate selected will assist with the daily operation of the lab as well as performing lab scale fermentation, laboratory experimental work, HPLC sample preparation and enumeration of various bacterial strains.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure that all lab members have needed material such as enumeration media, fermentation media, consumable supplies, etc.
  • Support development of fermentation process, transfer of proces/products from site to site, and process improvement actions; including support for Pilots and commercial production runs and in-process testing
  • Support development of technology to improve culture powder quality
  • Design experiments, conduct experiments/trials, analyze results and report work results
  • Work with manufacturing to test technical soluations on the plant floor and participate in trials at vendors/tollers for new technology
  • Follow process data and product quality after industrialization, troubleshoot as needed
  • Assist with data entry
  • Maintain clean work areas and ensure that equipment in the laboratory is properly maintained and operational

Adherence to DuPont Core Values and compliance with Lab Safety Policies/ Procedures is required.

Job Qualifications

Qualifications Include:

  • HS Disploma or Equivalent with some college education completed
  • Must be enrolled in a two degree program in either Biotechnology, Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry or related field of study
  • Must have strong communication (verbal and written) and organizational skills

3. Chemical Engineer Co-op/Intern


Job Description

DuPont is offering a rewarding co-op/internship experience to bright, talented, business-minded students with the leadership capabilities and determination to enhance our Manufacturing Technology organizations.  We have a variety of meaningful assignments that allow students to gain valuable experience in the manufacturing environment.  The assignments provide students with opportunities to develop by integrating classroom theory with practical work and to demonstrate their skills for future career opportunities at DuPont.  The Co-op commitment is approximately for a 3-6-month period.

In Manufacturing Technology, you will have opportunities to do the following:

  • Work in a dynamic, team environment that leverages the resources of our large organization.
  • Develop an understanding of the manufacturing technology environment.
  • Participate in the co-op program and work-specific training and development.
  • Perform analytical project work using Six Sigma methodology.
  • Work with experienced manufacturing technology professionals in the performance of your responsibilities.
  • Develop an understanding of DuPont Strategic Business Units and Operations, our product offerings and how materials and service requirements and issues are managed.
  • Adopt and follow DuPont’s core values of safety, ethics, respect for people, and environmental stewardship both on a personal and business level.
  • Work in a business casual environment with flexible work/life opportunities.

The scope of the Co-op’s role will vary dependent on the manufacturing technology site.

Job Qualifications

The following requirements MUST be met for consideration in this student employment program:

  • Currently enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited college or university
  • Enrolled in an ABET accredited program in Chemical Engineering
  • Available to complete the entire 3-6 month assignment
  • Flexible with work assignment location/relocation
  • Have the right to work in the U.S. without restriction

Preferred Attribute:  3.0 GPA or Higher

In addition to these requirements, we are seeking candidates who have demonstrated the following core competencies:

  • Outstanding problem-solving, analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent writing/verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Accomplished computer skills including Microsoft Office applications and database experience
  • Strong work ethic and the ability to work in cross-functional teams to deliver concrete project deliverables in a timely manner

Interested students please apply at the website below:

and email for more information.

DuPont is a global Fortune 100 company, operating in 70 countries today. We are looking for people who have a passion for delivering innovative, sustainable solutions that meet our customer needs for a better, healthier, safer life.

DuPont offers an exciting place to work where thousands of innovations are introduced every year. You will have opportunities for growth through involvement in various dynamic industries from high-tech to high-performance; including agriculture, nutrition, electronics, communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation, and apparel.

At DuPont, you will find sustainability in our vision, our business and your future. If you want to work on the leading edge of your field and have a desire to make a difference, join DuPont and discover The miracles of science™.

DuPont is an equal opportunity employer. DuPont is an E-Verify employer.



Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 4.44.04 PM

Post-BS AND Post-MS Position in Microalgae Biofuels RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT!

Job Description

The selected candidate will cultivate microalgae under climate-simulated conditions in bench-scale photobioreactors and pilot-scale, state-of-the art, indoor, LED-lighted and temperature-controlled 800 liter raceway ponds for the production of biofuels.

The photobioreactors and ponds will be operated via computer control (LabView) to simulate the daily fluctuations of sunlight and water temperature that is observed in outdoor ponds. The project will involve the preparation of sterile growth media, the inoculation of bioreactors and ponds with appropriate microalgae species/strains, and the monitoring of biomass growth via spectrometric and gravimetric methods. Throughout the experiment, the light intensity, pH, nutrient concentration, and temperature of the cultures will be monitored. Additional experiments may be carried out to quantify the specific growth rate of selected strains as a function of temperature and light intensity, and to determine the loss biomass during the dark period. The photosynthetic oxygen evolution rate may also be measured as a function of light intensity for selected strains and temperature conditions. Part of the project may also involve an off-site pond culturing study conducted in Arizona, which requires the ability to independently troubleshoot and repair equipment if necessary. All data will be analyzed and plotted using Microsoft Excel, and the various experimental studies will be published in peer-reviewed journals.

The position is located at PNNL’s Marine Sciences Laboratory (Dr. Michael Huesemann’s microalgae biofuels laboratory) in Sequim, WA. The planned start date is flexible, ranging from October 2015 to January 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 4.44.14 PM

The applicants’ resume should include the GPA, a list of laboratory courses, and a brief (<150 words) essay explaining their interest in this position. 

To apply for the Post-Bach Research Associate position:

To apply for the Post-Masters Research Associate position:

Application Deadline

The application deadline is July 1, 2015.

Minimum Requirements

Candidates must have received either a Bachelor’s degree (minimum GPA 2.5) or Master’s degree (minimum GPA 3.0) within the past 2 years from an accredited college or university.  All staff at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory must be able to demonstrate the legal right to work in the United States.


  • Must have basic knowledge of biochemistry and microbiology.
  • Must have basic wet chemistry laboratory skills.
  • Must be comfortable operating various laboratory equipment and trouble-shooting newly setup test procedures and equipment.
  • Must have experience with culturing micro-organisms using sterile techniques.
  • Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Excel to analyze and plot all data.
  • Must write technical reports summarizing all experimental data.
  • Knowledge of LabView control software desirable.
  • GPA of 3.5 or higher is preferred.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer and supports diversity in the workplace. All employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital or family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information. All staff at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory must be able to demonstrate the legal right to work in the United States.

For more information please see the attached PDF document: Microalgae Research Brochure

Part-Time EPA Science Communications Specialist

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 6.10.56 PM

EPA Science Communications Specialist Job for College Students!

Atlantic Ecology Division – Narragansett, Rhode Island

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program is looking for a college student who’s interested in a part-time position in science communications! Job responsibilities will include coordinating, planning, developing and reviewing all communications products and outreach efforts, such as news releases, newsletters, online media sources, photos and videos about the Atlantic Ecology Division’s research on the ecological effects of human activities within the coastal waters of the Atlantic.

The position is for current college students who have at least two years of coursework in environmental science, ecology, biology, physical science, communications, or a related subject.

As a part-time 20 hours/week job, it is expected to begin in June 2015. The pay rate is $18.24/hr.

For more info, or to apply for the position, visit our website at Questions? Email To hear more about position openings like this, follow us on Twitter at @GovCareerPaths.