Genentech 2015 Full-Time/Internship Positions & Outstanding Student Award


Genentech is looking for bright, motivated JHU students for full-time /internship positions at their location in the San Francisco bay area. Please pay attention to the following information and deadlines!

ChemBE Graduating Seniors:

Applications for the Process Development Rotational Program (PDRP) at Genentech are now open! Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. Associates will experience four six-month assignments over the course of two years in different areas within the US Biologics Technical Development organization. At the end of this two-year period, each associate will the opportunity to transition into a position within a specific area in US Biologics Technical Development. These areas include:

  • Cell Culture and Fermentation Development 
  • Purification Development 
  • Analytical Development  
  • Pharmaceutical Development 
  • Device Development 
  • Pilot Plant Operations 
  • Process Development Engineering 

There is also an on-campus info session about Genentech on 5-7pm, Monday November 9th. Please apply via Handshake (tracking code: 40d908) for an interview and apply via email and the career website as detailed in this flyer: 2015 PDRP Flyer

ChemBE Juniors:

Applications for the Outstanding Student Award at Genentech are now open! This award recognizes outstanding students in disciplines related to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at selected schools with a $2,500 award and summer internship at Genentech in May/June 2016 in the following areas:

  • Cell Culture and Fermentation Development
  • Purification Development
  • Pharmaceutical and Device Development
  • Protein Analytical Chemistry  
  • Pilot Plant Operations    
  • Process Development Engineering
  • PR&D Business Excellence, Strategy and Training
Applications are due November 6th. There is also an on-campus info session on 5-7pm, Monday November 9th. Please apply via Handshake (tracking code: b6ab8c) as well as sending your resume, transcript, and essay to the email in this flyer: 2015 Outstanding Student Award Flyer

ChemBE Juniors and Sophomores:

Genentech’s U.S. Biologics Technical Development (USBTD) develops, delivers and supports robust, cost-effective production methods and technologies to meet the needs of Genentech’s Research, Development, Commercial and Product Operations groups. The group has long been recognized as a world leader in developing large-scale manufacturing processes, sophisticated analytical methods and effective drug delivery systems.

Applications are now open for Process Development Internships and Co-ops in this exciting department. Phone interviews will be completed on a rolling basis; please apply via Handshake (tracking code: 4e9131) to receive a phone interview and read this flyer: 2015 USBTD Intern/Coop Flyer and apply through the career website flyer.


Capital One Seeking Full-Time Associate in Product Management & Analytics

Capital One is recruiting Johns Hopkins students who are involved with the ChemBE department their Product Management & Analytics role.  They believe students involved with the department’s programs would be a great fit based on:
  • Past experience hiring great associates from Johns Hopkins
  • The blend of technical and product oriented skills possessed by students in the ChemBE network
  • The reputation Johns Hopkins has for producing students with a commitment to making a positive impact on the world
Capital One is on a mission to deliver new ways of banking to our customers. Associates in Product Management and Analytics are expected to lead this transformation by bringing new digital products to market, finding novel uses for big data, and determining ways to deliver great customer experiences.

Associate-Product Management and Analytics
We’re seeking diverse Product Management and Analytics associates who want to be change agents on our journey to change how consumers experience money and finances.
You will analyze customer insights, help create our company’s newest products and contribute to our mission of changing banking for good.
To grow your foundation, you’ll hold at least two exhilarating roles in your first 2 years with us. Growth and development are celebrated at Capital One, and we’ll invest in training opportunities, executive networking and personal development for you from the start. That investment is designed to accelerate your development and launch a high-potential trajectory for your career.
You will have a chance to make a significant impact immediately. Capital One Analysts today are driving the big data revolution at one of the nation’s top digital marketing companies and are helping transform the financial industry through an agenda focused on consumer needs, cutting edge technology and refreshing transparency. We believe in teamwork and collaboration and you’ll be working closely with both your peers and leaders, solving problems that impact our millions of customers every day.
You will also drive business strategy to develop insights, and then working closely with your team and senior leaders to bring them to life. This may include:
  • Using Big Data valuation approaches to optimize product terms
  • Driving Digital Innovation to enhance customer experience in an industry ripe for change
  • Testing different product options to analyze customer selection
  • Investigating the impact of historical economic cycles on our business and proposing new strategies and modeling methods to adapt to the current environment
  • Building strategies for marketing optimization to find the overall net value for Capital One
  • Performing analysis on a variety of different industries including Banking, Credit Cards, Auto Finance, Commercial Banking, Investing, Technology and more

Basic Qualifications:
  • Current student or alumni of the Johns Hopkins University
  • Will obtain or have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher between December 2014 and August 2016
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Strong interpersonal, leadership and communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment
  • High level of intellectual curiosity
  • Passion for innovation, digital experience and technology
  • Strong quantitative, analytical, problem solving and conceptual skills
  • Solutions-oriented problem solver who loves to think differently about problems of all types and challenges assumptions

Deadline for resume drop is October 7th, students need to apply to THEIR internal link  and JHU’s career page.

IQ Biology PhD Program at BioFrontiers Institute

The IQ Biology PhD program is for students who want to create their own path and have the desire to pursue research that is unscripted. IQ Biology is not just for biologists! 

We started our IQ Biology PhD program to nurture students who can reach across disciplines and develop productive teams consisting of multiple experts. Our results have amazed us. Our fifth class of graduate students recently began their journey through the Ph.D. process, and will continue through their first year in the labs of world-class researchers across disciplines and departments.

IQ Biology students come from diverse academic backgrounds such as Physics, Computer Science, Applied Math, Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemical Engineering. In addition to receiving a certificate in Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology, our students receive a PhD in one of nine disciplines. Visit our website for the complete list of partner departments.

As an IQ Biology student, your experiences (specialized coursework, research rotations in multiple departments and your interactions with your colleagues) will be distinct from traditional doctoral education resulting in your becoming a well-rounded, cutting-edge researcher able to transcend academic boundaries. To find out more about the application processes click here, and to find out more about our faculty, curriculum and students visit our website.

Connecting you to your vision

From the very beginning, your experience in the IQ Biology program will be about creating the future you want and the world needs. We already built the connections between our nine partner departments so that you can focus on doing innovative research and participating within our large network of collaborators at CU-Boulder, CU’s Anschutz Medical Campus, NIST and other institutions.

Meet our Students

The IQ Biology program attracts a talented, diverse, and driven cohort. Your experiences will be distinct from traditional doctoral education resulting in your becoming a well-rounded, cutting-edge researcher able to transcend academic boundaries.

Our students speak for themselves. You can read some of their blogs about their PhD experiences here:

 “On the leading edge” by Nora Connor

“Science in pictures” by Topher Weiss-Lehman

“Understanding RNA” by Aaron Wacholder

 Meet all of our IQ Biology students here

BioFrontiers Director Tom Cech congratulates IQ Biology’s newest graduates: Daniel McDonald and Adam Robbins-Pianka.

About the BioFrontiers Institute

 The BioFrontiers Institute was built on a vision of creating a flexible and supportive environment for scientists and engineers to work across disciplines on projects that might be outside the realm of traditional research in their area.

 Faculty members at BioFrontiers have a passion for their work, and openness to new ideas, allowing them to embrace challenges in core areas like genomics, bioimaging, therapeutic paradigms and regenerative biology.

The Institute is housed at the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building. Many of CU’s leading researchers have labs in the interdisciplinary building, including Marvin Caruthers, Tom Cech, Leslie Leinwand, and Kristi Anseth. In addition to teaching spaces and collaborative laboratories, the building also provides core facilities to support CU researchers and the local biotech community.  Learn more at our website  |  contact:

Post-Doc Position at Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

Post-Doctoral Researcher in Code Development for High-Throughput Computational Screening of CO2 Capture Materials

Through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), this posting seeks a highly motivated post-doctoral associate to participate in the development of a new, innovative high-throughput computational tool suite for the prediction of materials properties in carbon capture materials at NETL who have significant experience in software development, optimization of scientific programs, and experience with piping and other automation methods.

For more information, please visit

EPA: Full-Time Communications Support Associate Wanted!


Check it out – the EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program has an opening for a Communications Support Associate within the Safe Sustainable Water Resources (SSWR) Research Program in Cincinnati, Ohio! SSWR’s Research Program is focused on developing cost-effective sustainable solutions to 21stcentury complex water issues, by proactively creating solutions that will provide water to humans and ecosystems. The Communications Associate will aid the SSWR in communications and outreach activities, including researching successful communications practices and developing an outreach plan, designing/developing materials such as presentations, posters, newsletters and factsheets, updating online outreach sources, including websites, blogs, podcasts and social media, assisting with development of annual reports, webinars, technical publications, internal reports, and other materials, and other related tasks as needed.

The job is geared towards recent bachelor’s graduates in communications, writing, public relations, environmental science, or a related field. Applicants should possess strong leadership skills and strong written, oral and electronic communication skills, and be able to work with most Microsoft Office Suite applications, especially Office 365. It is also desirable for applicants to be proficient in Drupal web content management, Adobe Connect and Creative Suite, and have some experience in technical writing/science communications and administrative support.

The position is full-time and has a pay rate of $20.49 per hour. The applicant will be expected to begin in November 2015. For more info, or to apply for the position, visit our website at Questions? Email To hear more about position openings like this, follow us on Twitter at @GovCareerPaths.




DATE: Tuesday, September 29th 2015

TIME: 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm


Organized by: Michelle McGurrin

GSK is looking to meet with students interested in their Future Leaders program! Students undergraduate through PhD are eligible. Please see more information below and visit the link at the bottom for more information. Become a Future Leader at GSK and help change the face of healthcare. Our Future Leaders Program offers graduates the opportunity, through structured development with challenging experiences, to gain the right capabilities to become a future leader in our growing global business. First you join one of our functions. You pick which one best suits your skills and aspirations – and have multiple rotations within that function. In this time, you’ll learn about our exciting business and contribute to significant work objectives. While on the program we’ll help you make a choice, listening to your preferences and looking at your performance. You can continue on your path to deepen your expertise in your chosen area, or gain greater breadth of experience, potentially across different geographies and functions, ultimately inspiring and leading others. Both are essential to our future business growth. These two development paths ensure graduates that join our Future Leaders Program will have a robust development and a stronger future, whatever path they choose.

Bioinformatics Research Position at the NIH

A position has just opened up at the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore, part of the National Institutes of Health. The NIH Postbaccalaureate IRTA program has recent graduates working for one to two years performing paid research for Principal Investigators at the NIH. This position is specific to Dr. Jyoti Sen’s lab, which is an immunology lab with a primary focus on the thymus. The research is primarily bioinformatics based, and they are looking for someone to take over bioinformatics research within the lab. Due to the nature of the research, they would like to bring in someone before he/she graduates (for either credit or compensation) so that he/she is fully comfortable with the position before the existing researcher leaves the position.

Specifically, they are looking for someone with the following traits:

–          Comfortable with math/statistics

–          Able to work independently

–          Experience with programming/scripting highly preferred (they use R, but any experience is fine)

–          Willing to learn standard lab techniques (such as flow cytometry, western blot, etc.)

Any interested applicants should send their resume to

More information on the Postbaccalaureate IRTA program: